When life puts you DOWN…

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  Are you feeling down, sad or depressed? Are you going through tough times? Don’t you even have the energy to move?
My dear, you are not alone. We are here for you.

  Poor mental health can affect nearly everyone and it does not discriminate.
Through all what is currently happening in the world: poverty, COVID19 virus… trauma is real. We all, at some point in our lives, went through some hard issues where we lost hope, when we felt lonely and low.
Although it is a common phenomenon, we do not talk about it. We keep struggling everyone on his own, living a tough war with pain inside and fake laughs outside. We sometimes start losing the fight and we need back up, we need real help but we avoid asking for it so we won’t be judged. Unfortunately, mental health can be a taboo subject because of fear of appearing vulnerable in front of others. Yet, this is your safe space. Since we care, since you are a priority for us, let us help you.


  We always tend to forgive the people we love. However, when it comes to Self-forgiveness we find it hard.
You have to stop punishing yourself because of the mistakes you have made. Learn how to let them go. They are too heavy to keep carrying them. You grow, you change every day and you are not the same person you were one year ago. Try to reconcile your past in order to move on with your future.


  Self-love is built gradually. Always remember to make yourself a priority, to speak kindly to yourself and to stop saying yes to everyone and everything. You should set healthy physical and emotional boundaries. Learn that showing compassion and kindness to yourself is extremely important.


  It is okay to suddenly need to take a rest, cancel plans, ignore phone calls and avoid social events.
Do not convince yourself that you are wasting your life away. It is okay to take a rest from all the world’s noises and just listen to your own inner voice. Sitting on your own is foundational. It allows you to recover, to recharge your energy. Some days you will go to bed knowing you probably did not do your best, and that is okay. You still made it through the day. You are a way more important than the work stressing you out and the annoying little things you’re overthinking.


  These are some tips to reduce your anxiety and to avoid taking it to panic:

1) Sleep well and for full seven hours.

2) Eat balanced meals (five portions of a variety of fruit and vegetables every day, meat, fish, eggs, potatoes, bread, rice…)

3) Avoid eating too much sugar.

4)  Avoid being in crowded, noisy places with bright, fluorescent lights.

5) Take a break from work whenever you need it.

6) Do some work out every day or at least take a walk.

7) Do something nice to yourself:

√ Listen to nice music.
√ Buy yourself a gift.
√ Eat something you really like.
√ Do some activities that you enjoy (reading a book, cooking, painting…).

  On a final note, it is okay to feel a little down sometimes. However, if it gets hard, you should ask for professional help.
Here is a simple stress test to measure the stress in your life.                                                                                        https://www.bemindfulonline.com/test-your-stress 

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